Thinking of getting into the fun and exciting business of Face Painting? Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Tip 1:   Value Your Paints
Professional face paint is expensive.  Don't leave your paints unattended at a job where little inquisitive fingers can delve in.    As with makeup, paints that are designed specifically for face & body painting, are manufactured with ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria, but for a little added cleanliness, when you've finished painting for the day, spritz your paints lightly with hydrogen peroxide.  It dissipates quickly,  but will aide in sanitizing your paints. 

Tip 2:   Sponge, Don't Brush
If you're wanting to cover a large area or put on a base color, use a sponge to apply the paint rather than a brush, it'll be quicker, smoother, and uses less paint.

Tip 3:  Let your first color dry before applying another color. If you don't, they'll mix and you'll probably have to wipe it off and start again.  Work on another area of your design and come back to area that has had time to dry.

Tip 4:  Visualize the Finished Face
Have a good idea of what you're going to paint before you start, you can always add special touches to this once you're finished.

Tip 5:  3 D Special Touches
With all the products on the market these days, it is easy to make 3D horns for monsters, clusters of gems and feathers, unicorn creative. It really adds a 'wow' factor to your design.  You will need a good skin safe adhesive to apply them.

Tip 6:  Use Stencils
Stencils are an incredible tool for adding dimension and a unique touch to any design. Search out different companies for what suits your style.   To apply a stencil, you use a sponge, or dauber, wet lightly, load it with your paint, and dab on the stencil as you hold it tightly to the skin.  Practice working with stencils before you try using them on a customer's design. There is a learning curve to master using stencils. Dab the sponge or dauber on the back of your hand before using on the customer. If the paint makes tiny bubbles, or looks shiny, it's too wet. Dab off some of the moisture and try again.

Tip 7:  Using Glitter
Glitter comes in every color you can think of, and various sizes. It adds the extra 'pop' to any design you are creating. Be sure you use cosmetic grade glitter which is cut round; instead of craft glitter, that is cut square and can damage eyes if it gets into them.  Cosmetic  glitter is made of plastic instead of metal or glass like many craft glitters.  Glitter comes loose, or in a gel, or in a waxy paste. You can apply glitter directly to wet face paint, and it will stick, or you can use adhesive designed for use on skin, or if using the glitter in a waxy base, you can apply it directly to paint. When painting a child, always ask the parent if they want them to have glitter on their face. Don't apply glitter to eye lids.

Tip 8:  Painting for Large Groups
If available, ask your client if they could provide a 'line handler'.  They facilitate the smooth flow of your line.  If painting for a group over 100, it is best to limit the number of choices available.   If you have a line handler, they make sure everyone knows what they want before they get into your chair.   At very large events, I use tickets, where the line handler goes through the line and writes on a ticket which design they want.  This eliminates them forgetting by the time they get to you. After the job is done, you can count the tickets and see how many faces you painted. :)

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WOW last year was wonderful, busy, and we met lots of new friends. 

Continue enjoying the  benefits FUNifaces Face and Body Art has to offer in 2020.  Give us a call to schedule an event.

FUNifaces Face and Body Art in 2020

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FUNifaces Offers High Quality Services at a Very Competitive Price.  You Won't Find  a Better Combination of Service, Quality Work, and Competitive Pricing in Southeast Michigan.

FUNifaces Goal is to Provide our Customers with the Best  Service available. 

FUNifaces  Talented Artists are Friendly, Professional, and Totally Enjoy What we Do.   Having Several Artists Working with FUNifaces,  we Can Put Together an Event... Big or Small. Just let us Know When and Where and We'll Provide the Wow!

FUNifaces Face and Body Art

Face Painting,  Henna , and Flash Tattoos for 2020

Events FUNifaces Services

Parties, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, Sporting Events, Holiday Functions, Family Events, Graduations, Picnics, Reunions, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Festivals, & basically anywhere you would like a ‘little something extra.'

FUNifaces is Located in Garden City,  Servicing Southeast Michigan with Face Painting, Henna, and Airbrush.  FUNifaces' Team Has Many Years of Experience Bringing Events of Any Size to Life!  FUNifaces Would Love to Help You Bring Smiles to the Faces of All Your Guests at Any Size or Style Event You May Be Planning!

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How About Henna? We Provide a Book Stuffed With Choices. ...Tiny to Elaborate. FUNifaces Henna is Hand Made by Us From Quality Henna Powders, and Top Notch Essential Oils. Henna Parties are a Fun Alternative to Just Sitting Around Eating Pizza & Watching Movies. Have Your Friends Over for a Fun Henna Party.  We Accent Designs with Gems and Glitter if Desired.

Having a Pool Party, or Just Looking for Something ThatWill Hold up in the Heat? Glitter Tattoos are a Wonderful Alternative, That Are a Favorite for Young and Old Alike.  With Care, a Glitter Tattoo will Last 3-4 days.  We Have Dozens of  Design Choices, as Well as LOTS of Colors of Glitter to Choose From.

With all This to Offer, FUNifaces is Perfect for ANY EVENT:    Family Gatherings, Company Picnics, Children's Parties, Block Parties, Restaurants, Church Functions, Fund Raisers, Grand Openings, Sporting Events, and any other Venue where you Want to add a Special Touch.

Tip 9:  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Remember to take a mirror so the person whose face you've just painted can see the result. Also,  using a high chair or stool. Not having to bend over as far keeps your back from giving out on you before the job is done.

Tip 10:  Stock Up on Tissues & Brand Name, unscented/gentle  Baby Wipes
Use them to wipe dirty faces prior to painting,  wipe your hands, brushes, etc. , or even quickly wipe off a mistake you may have made, etc. etc.   Keep your wipes tucked away though, if you leave them sitting out in plain view, chances are parents will start helping themselves. 

Tip 11:  Use Quality Paints. “Non-Toxic” does not mean “safe for skin.”  Acrylic craft paints are not meant to be used on the skin, nor are watercolor markers or pencils. Just because the package says "non-toxic" does not mean that it is safe to put on the skin.
Jest Paint,  Silly Farm,  and the Face Paint Shop are reliable places to purchase all face and body art supplies.

Tip 12:  Be extra careful when painting around the eyes. Don't use 'red' paint directly around the eyes.   When you are painting around the eye area, have your customers close their eyes for as long as possible.  With children, as funny as it may sound, having them close their eyes helps them to stay still.

Tip 13:  Invest in  split cakes
You’ve probably seen the butterflies that have beautiful wings in multiple  colors. Looks complicated to do, right? But it’s not! The trick is to use a split cake, which is one palette with multiple colors—you get a rainbow of colors with minimal work.

Tip 14:  ​Your Work Station
A good rule of thumb is to look at your setup through the eyes of a customer.  Would you allow someone to paint your face with water/paint that looks like that?  If not, pause for a quick cleaning.  With the right setup, it only takes a minute to change your water and wipe down your hands and surfaces. 
Keep some anti-bacterial wipes on hand, NOT for faces, but for wiping down and sanitizing your equipment. 

Keep a steady supply of hand sanitizer and wipes on hand and use them often. This is a great item to leave out and accessible to your customers as well.  It's cheaper than wipes, lasts longer, and acts as visual reassurance to parents that you care about hygiene in your work.

Tip 15:  If you're using something to hold the customers hair back, let them keep it.  I use bobby pins as they do the job just fine and don't break the bank! I've even found some sparkly ones in pastel colors at the dollar store that the girls love.  

Tip 16:  After the job is done
​When you're done for the day be sure to clean your entire kit, sponges, brushes, etc.  Let everything air dry before packing it away.

​Store your paints in a moderate temperature (50-70 degrees).

FUNifaces Face and Body Art Provides both Quality and Speed, yet Maintains Fun Packed Creativity. We Offer Full Faces, Half Faces, Cheek Art,  Henna,  Airbrush,  Metallic Flash Tattoos, and Glitter Tattoos.

With the Transformative Power of Face Painting,  FUNifaces  Brings  Magic to Life; Creating Butterflies, Tigers, Princesses, Scary Skulls, Monsters, Pirates, Super Heroes and Villains.  If You're Planning a Holiday Event, we Have Themed Faces to Accommodate. 

If You're Thinking More of Airbrush, we Have Dozens of Designs to Meet Every Interest: Tribal to Delicate, Animals to Graffiti: Small hand designs, to full arm sleeves. If You are Planning a Corporate Event, and Would Like a Logo to Put Your Business Out There, let us Know Ahead of Time, and we can Custom Design One to Compliment Your Occasion.