Face Painting
Blooming Artist



We have dozens of designs to  choose from.

We use only FDA compliant products that wash off easily with soap & water.

Designs are enhanced with glitter & gems.  

All artists are insured.


About our Services



*  FYI:  From a medical standpoint, children under 2 should not be painted (with either face paints OR airbrush) Infants & toddlers have  very fragile immune systems that do not fully develop until around age 2.  

This may cost me some jobs, but my concern is for your children.

Hiring a professionally trained & insured artist that only uses FDA compliant products may cost you a little more, but we are sure you would agree that the safety of those being painted is worth it.



All supplies & instruction provided

I bring paint boards pre-marked for basic guides, but the 'artists' are free to personalize their creations, with gentle guidance.

This is a fun & unique addition to any party.

3 week notice required.


  • High speed  painting at its best.
  • We have enough artists to accommodate any size event.
  • Logos available for corporate events.
  • Ideal for summer events.
  • Sanitary, no contact painting.
  • FDA compliant products, easily removed with baby oil. 
  • All artists are insured.