Holidays & summer dates are always busy. You should contact us the minute you have your date, time and venue nailed down. A client that returns their contract and deposit first gets priority.

When and how do I pay?

Do you use 'black henna'?

Outdoor events require a provided shelter. If you have requested airbrush services, an electrical source is required. We do have our own chairs, however if you have a table that can be provided, it is appreciated.

Is face paint safe for skin?

I would like to have a face painting party for my  (1-4 year old) child.

Deposit is due when you return  your agreement form at time of booking.

Cash or check for balance when arrive. 
Credit Cards: Deposit must accompany your agreement form at  time of booking. If you desire to pay the balance for your event via PayPal, it needs to be done a minimum of 3 days prior to your event date, via this web site. A charge is added to your total to cover PayPal charges.

If you need an invoice, we can provide one upon request.

A line manager could really help things along. It is amazing how much time it takes for children to choose a design. Having a person to discuss designs with the child before they get in the chair will reduce the time greatly. The other advantage to a line manager is ending the line.  We do our best to prevent people from getting in line if there won't be time to paint them, but a line manager can be dedicated to that job while we are painting. Please ask us about providing a dedicated line manager, or you can provide one.

We are unable to offer refunds due to inclement weather.  Please plan for an alternate indoor location in advance.   If you need to cancel your event for some other reason, please do so a minimum of one week prior, or you will owe for the contracted amount. Should you need to reschedule your event, please do so at least 7 days prior and we will make every effort to provide an alternate date.

Face paint isn't paint, it's technically a cosmetic makeup specifically for skin.  We use only FDA compliant face / body paint for the skin because we are committed to the safety of our clients. These water based formulas are specifically designed to be hypo-allergenic, gentle and easy to remove.

Artist fees range between $85 and $110 per hour. Rates are based on service requesting, duration of event, and location. There is a  2 hour minimum booking. Multiple hour events are offered at a  discounted rate. (3+ hours)

It's raining and I want to cancel my party. What do I do?

Do you book face painting parties beyond Southeast Michigan?

1- Check  availability for your requested date.  This is easily done by going to the 'Contact Us' page, and filling out the form or by calling  2- once your details are decided, we email you an agreement form  3- filling out the form, and returning it with your deposit will secure your date.

Why should we choose you?

What kind of paint do you use?

 Can I just pay for the time you were painting?

Sorry, but we must adhere to the time frame you designated on the agreement form.

Face paints, like cosmetics, contain antimicrobial preservatives. These keep bacteria from growing in water based paints (and cosmetics in general) while being gentle and safe. Our brushes and sponges are cleaned regularly with antibacterial soap. Your child has a greater chance of catching a virus while waiting in line than from having their face painted. Additionally , we won't paint a child with a cold, runny nose, infectious looking eyes, or any type of skin condition, cuts,  or  rash.

As far as allergies, if you have sensitive skin please request a patch test prior to being painted. 

What steps do I take to secure your services for my event? 

Do you bring everything or do we need to set up tables, chairs, etc.?

I have a very large event, how can I insure as many guests as possible get serviced?

 Do I have to pay for your set up and tear down time?

How do I remove face paint?   Airbrush paint?

Imagine it's years from now and you're looking through your children's photos. Do you really want to see your child's face wearing a tragic lack of talent? Photos last forever. It's not worth saving ten bucks. We have been doing this for many years, and that's why we can offer both speed and quality. Check out our gallery to get a glimpse of the quality of work you will get at your event.  We always use the highest quality products and follow rigid safety standards.
We are insured.   

Our area of preference is  Southeast Michigan. If you are outside that area,  one hour or more  from Garden City, there is an additional driving fee applied; generally $30.   It is important to make your location known at time of initial contact.

No, we get there early enough to set up and be ready to begin at the stated contract start time .   

Due to the fact that children's immune systems aren't developed at this young age, we don't apply face paint or airbrush paint to children unless they are over 4 years.

Face paint is formulated for easy removal with mild bar soap, water and a wash cloth.  Some darker colors may  linger. If this happens, use a washcloth with soap and coconut oil.   Airbrush paints can be removed with coconut oil or makeup remover.

Absolutely not! Black henna is dangerous. The black color is achieved by adding all types of dangerous chemicals.  I only use all natural henna (made from a plant) and jagua (made from a fruit).

If you can think of a type of event,  we are able to service it. We have several artists which can be called on to aide with very large events.

What are your rates?

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do we have to book?

Do you do festivals, corporate, military?