HEALTH, HYGIENE, AND SAFETY are our top priority.

Therefore we are diligent to take the following precautions for your safety and peace of mind.

1) We use only FDA compliant products that are safe for use on your skin.

2) The paints we use contain an 'anti microbial' ingredient which keep bacteria from forming. 

3) We use a fresh sponge for each customer. 

4) We use a '3 bath' system for our brushes so each customer is getting a fresh brush. (first rinse, 2nd special disinfecting soap, 3rd final clear water rinse)

5) We replenish with fresh water often.

6) We keep  Clorox wipes on our tables to wipe down our equipment between customers.

7) We keep hand sanitizer out and available for customers before servicing.

8) We don't service anyone that has any sign of a cold, cough, runny nose, visible sores, scabs, extreme eczema or acne, pink eye, or open wounds.

9) We use skin sensitive makeup sanitizer on our paints for an added measure of cleanliness.

10) We take the time to educate ourselves on the best possible 'infection control' .

If you are still unsure about face painting, we offer several options for your artwork that don't go on your face. (henna, arm art, glitter tattoos, flash tattoos)